Changing the keys from squares to triangles gives you a very clear indicator of where the centre of the key is as the coloured area around the key acts like a targeting system.

This effect is emphasized when the background colour and the key colour are chosen to stand out from each other which is now an option.

This shared space concept is unique to the Crocodile Keyboard.

To see how easy it is to use the Crocodile Keyboard on your Android mobile phone

Download the keyboard from the Android market via your pc or scan the barcode below with your phone to be taken to the download page.


, watch the YouTube video user guide.

The Crocodile Keyboard is ideal for any device where space is at a premium, be it a touch-screen input or traditional buttons, on say a small nettbook computer.

All fingers & thumbs?

Introducing the free Crocodile Keyboard, a new qwerty keyboard designed for use on touchscreen Android phones.

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