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1. Download from the market...

The "Allow this application to:" section lists only default rights that any keyboard has. Confirm the installation.

2. Enable the keyboard on your phone:

Under Settings > Locale & text, click Crocodile Keyboard to enable the keyboard on your phone. The default warning message for all keyboards appears, confirm this with OK.

3. Select the keyboard for text entry:

In any application, tap a text-entry field to bring up the default keyboard.

Now press and hold the text-entry field, until the context menu comes up.

Find and press the Input Method menu to view all available keyboards. Select the Crocodile Keyboard.

After that, close the current keyboard (press Back key on phone), and tap the text-entry field again. The Crocodile keyboard should appear from now on as your default keyboard. (Follow same procedure to reset to default Android keyboard.)

User Guide

The new CK2 keyboard has a few new functions that are easy to access.

Screen navigation

To navigate between screens you now just swipe a finger left or right through the screen position graphic above the text. To return to the abc screen, you can use the shortcut on the shift key.

To access the colour control panel, you just swipe down through the graphic to pull the screen into view.

Choose between background, button or text and then just gently press on the colour wheel and the colour will change as you move your finger.

Swipe the screen down again once your colour choice is complete to go back to the keyboard.

As you type each word it appears in the lower left corner, to add this word to your dictionary, touch and hold the word until a popup appears and pick the option you want.

The predictive text starts with an empty dictionary and you add to it all the long words that you would use on a daily basis.

The standard Android predictive text assumes that you have typed an incorrect letter and so its word options reflect this and rarely actually predicts the correct word.

The Crocodile Keyboard is ideal for any device where space is at a premium, be it a touch-screen input or traditional buttons, on say a small nettbook computer.

Crocodile Keyboard Support
After downloading the app to your phone, you should be able to follow the click through instructions built into the app.
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If you have any problems, follow the user guide below.